—  some fun facts


I did not really pick up
a camera until i was well
into my 20's.

I was a dancer (not on a pole) for 18 years and traveled all over the us and europe by the time i was 23.

I was once an mc for raves in the 90s and once performed for over 25,000 people in germany.  I opened for moby.  Yes, it was crazy!

I graduated from emerson college at 30 years old, and sold everything i owned to move to la.  I produced reality tv for 9 years while i was there.  Fyi, nothing about reality tv is real!  Trust me.

I went to school with the

roots (yes from the jimmy

fallon show) and boyz II men.


I once was a rapper and my name was mc sweet 'n lo.

My favorite wedding photo of me and my husband is when we got caught smoking cigars outside our reception.

I'm obsessed with well groomed eyebrows. It's the difference between being groomed and being well groomed.

When i was 12, i had a subscription to life magazine and national geographic, just for the photos, which were literally wallpapered to every spot in my room.

I was a winner in the gordon parks national photo competition in 1999 with one of the first photographs i ever took with a 35mm camera. I entered on a dare.

I love all kinds of hip-hop and old soul music.
My first concert was bette middler when i was 5 yrs. Old. My 2nd concert was barry manillow a year later.  But my first real concert was journey’s escape tour when i was in 7th grade.
While we are on the subject of music, i went to live aid too! 

I have cried at almost every wedding i’ve shot at some point throughout the event. 

My oldest son has autism and therefore i have the patience of job. No child is too difficult for me. (he is beating it and people don’t believe me when i tell them he has it) 

I was the cover girl for high times magazine in may of 1993.  Don’t believe me? Click here to look it up!
I think that minie riperton’s inside my love is possibly the greatest love song ever.

My favorite shows are family guy, this is us, homeland, queer eye for the straight guy (the one on netflix), transparent, grace and frankie, last week tonight with john oliver and the marvelous mrs maisel...oh and parts unknown and the chefs table. Ugh I can’t make up my mind.

i'm obsessed with the robert indiana love image and currently own three statues of it...

as well as a custom made necklace of the image.

I'm  a philly girl and even though i don't live there anymore, you will never get the philly out of me. (Geno's for me. Pat's is a close second but Delassandros is king!)



My husband and i have three rules in our marriage. And they totally work for us big time. Get a pen and write em down. 16 years and counting. They work.

— no screaming when we fight
— no arguing about money
— no tv in the bedroom

oh a few tips on how to have a lasting marriage besides the three above....

— never go shopping with your spouse. If you do,synchronize your watches and separate, shop on your own, then meet back.
— don’t ask your husband to “hold” your handbag” 
— don’t ask your husband to buy tampons or monistat for you.