Parent's just don't understand!

So here's the unfortunate deal. I am forced to go under the radar for my reviews and all things kick ass when it comes to this blog. I have received a few not so nice comments from potential clients that I am a "potty mouth" and that they would "NEVER hire me." To those people, I hear you!

This was something I feared when starting my blog. On the one hand, I was hoping that the clients I attract would "get" my sense of humor and how I feel about parenting. On the other, I don't want to offend anyone and I still want to work in terms of photography. I have to say that people who actually believe that I would come to their house, photograph their kids while cursing like sailor is out of their mind. I would never do that. I have two boys of my own and I have to say I think they are pretty spectacular. I do not use this type of language in front of them, or other kids. No way, no how.

I am a successful children's photographer and I love love love what I do. That being said, I feel that being a parent is really hard. Really really, really hard. And you have to have a sense of humor or you will go mad, crazy batty. At least I know I would. I left a growing career in production in order to stay home and raise my sons. (one of which is ASD...look it up) and it's been a really tough gig. I am sad that there are so many parents out there who judge me just by my choice of words in a blog and not by my work, or my reviews. But I will respect their wishes and besides, I need to keep working so we can afford the therapies my oldest son requires so that he can continue to grow, change and surprise us every day. So I will honor the criticisms that have come my way and keep the potty mouth on the down low in my other blog. I will start another one that you will have to find via word of mouth. I am not apologizing for who I am, but I am understanding what people need. Please know that if you are a potential client and read my older posts, they are all done in fun. I am honest and sometimes raw...that's just who I am. At least around adults. :-)