Back in the saddle again!

So it's time to update on a much more regular basis.  I am starting to learn that it's the blog that gets the most inquiries.  So with that being said, I'm going to add to it, be more committed, and this way all my friends and clients can see that I'm shooting more than my actual site shows.  Lots of new stuff going on which I'll run through in posts.  This is gonna be a quickie because my kids are driving me f_cking nuts right now, fighting about some makeshift bowling with animals game!  Lord help me!
Anyhoo, here are a few images from an amazing birthday party I shot about a month ago.  When the mom told me her son was turning one and that there were going to be over 150 guests, I was a little shell shocked.  But, the party was amazing and I'm not a firm believer that a child's first birthday party is really for two things.  The first is celebrating that the parents have made it through the first year and second, it's basically an great excuse to throw a big bash.  As you can see, this one was a blast.  Their son, Milan, was so beautiful and mellow.  Always a good thing when there are 150 folks partying with you.