My client always whoops my booty

So, meet Danielle Bultron.  She is a dynamo, a client and now close friend of mine.  Not to mention is she now my personal trainer since November.  She is a serious success story, losing a ton of weight the old fashioned way.  HARD WORK.  She  has a personal training business in Watertown and it's kicking ass, and she'll kick yours if you let her.  Don't think you can afford it?  WRONG!  Here's how she rolls...Danielle does it on a semi private level.  She has a small studio and trains up to 6 people at a time.  I find that training with 5 other folks, really makes the time go much faster.  Plus everyone really supports one another through the hour.  It's a full body workout and no two days are the same.  Yes...cardio and weights, you do it all!  How much do you think you would have to pay for this luxury?  How about...drum roll please...$20 per session!  Ok, pick your mouth up off the ground.  Yes, I said $20.  I swear, I've lost quite a bit of my baby weight since I started working with Danielle.  I still have a ways to go, but I'm on the move thanks to her.  If you want Lady D to kick your butt, with love of course, click here silly. (yeah, I took this shot.)