And I will call it…. THE GOOF BOOTH!

As I step into the world of wedding photography (and big event stuff too), I really wanted to add something fun to the whole mix.  The last big gig I did was a birthday party for a 1 year old (see older post) with over 150 guests!  Yes, it was big and it was great.  I decided to bring a small back drop and see if I could get a few folks to come and play in front of it.  It kind of worked, but I learned two things.  One, I needed a light and two; my backdrop was way too small.  So last week I invested in HUGE white backdrop, and a kick ass light.  I tested it out as a fundraiser for my son’s preschool.  It was a huge success, but I have to say, I really can’t wait until I can get a bunch of drunken wedding guests to play in this.  So if you want to book me, consider getting a GOOF BOOTH on top of the actual documentary style stuff I do.  But, I will also offer my GOOF BOOTH on it’s own.  
Here are a few samples of the shoot at my son’s school.  The event sold out in about 2 days and I think I may do it again. It’s A LOT of work but the results are really great.

What is the “goof booth”? Well imagine an old time photo booth, where you used to squeeze in all of your friends, act really crazy, and get a few photos?  Well imagine that kind of energy of the photo, but you have 9 feet of space. 

I think another great way to use this is for a fund raising event.  (just like at my son's school).  I basically just set up, shot all day, came home, did the post editing and then folks order online through my site and a percentage of the profits goes back to the school.  A win win for all involved.  

Now I want to try and sell this stuff for proms and maybe the high school will hire me for 'last blast'!  I wonder.......