The Brooklyn Queens, Ava and Amalia.

So shoot number two in Brooklyn took me to the fabulous Prospect Park. My assignment, Ava and Amalia, fraternal twins, with a TON of personality. I always tell people, PLEASE don’t dress alike; UNLESS, when it comes to kids, they actually want to do it. The reason for this, is when kids have the control, they are so much more flexible when it comes to allowing me to photograph them. Their father, David, came with them and let me tell you, he’s a fantastic Dad. Very mellow and patient. I was really bummed out that their mom, Caroline, had to work. But I hope to meet her the next time around.
 I love how the light surrounds them like a halo.  It feels to me like they are in some enchanted forest. 
The girls were truly in love with their daddy, which is pretty obvious with these next few images.  
Upon heading home, we decided to shoot some place on the neutral side of things.  So David took me to this really cool little Italian Ice, munchie stand around the corner from their house.  Needless to say, everyone was checking the girls out cause they are so cute you literally can't stand it.