So many shoots, so little time

Wow, I feel like my life is a whirlwind these days. Between trying to work on my Broad Spectrum project, helping Robert transition from his last days of Pre-K into regular day camp and then Kindergarten, Jake just being a fully functioning wild child, finding sitters, AND shooting, I’ve had NO TIME to post. But I have had some time to shoot. So here are a few samples of some stuff I’ve been working on.
First on the list is some personal work. An old friend of mine, Clarence Williams, won the Pulitzer Prize many years back. When I first started to take photography, I begged him to mentor me. He told me “NO WAY. We are too good of friends and you’ll hate me within two months. But I’ll tell you this. It’s 90% eye and maybe 10% gear”. He kind of did mentor me from time to time and let me tell you, he was harsh. But I’m telling you, he was right. That advice really helped to stop obsessing about how much $ I spent on gear and really worked on what I was seeing.
Here are some images that I shot with my little Canon PowerShot. These images are mostly the adventures of Robert and Jake.
Robert and I took a little adventure into town and it happened to be on Autism Awareness Day.  He knows that he has it and wanted to pose in front of this sign which was on the window of Lord and Taylors.
And here's Jake...just being Jake.
These next few images are of Robert and his buddies Cole and Adele.  They have this amazing blackboard wall in their house.  I swear an art director couldn't have drawn on that wall more perfectly for these shots.  There are also a few images of the kids just hanging out in the backyard.