Pretty in Pink - Ava turns one.

So I get this call from an amazingly bubbly and super energetic woman named Theresa who asks me if I was up for photographing her daughter’s first birthday party. Of course, I said yes. Especially because I felt like I was talking to myself on the other end of the phone. The two of us gabbing away as she told me about the event she had planned. I loved Theresa instantly. When I show up to work on that hot Saturday, I swear everyone made me feel like family. I stayed for hours and got, not only great images, but was fed fabulous barbeque and met all kinds of funky people. I have to say, everyone that Theresa and her husband, Brett, knew were not only fantastic looking, but all the women had the most spectacular eyebrows ever! I wonder if they all go to the same place? Needless to say their daughter, Ava, is going to have a ton of fun as she gets older, because her family is beyond fun.

Check out this crazy, cool cupcake tower they had made.  The cake on the top is just for Ava, as you will see in the next few images below.