Aloha Philly - The wedding of Blake and Leona

It’s been forever since I’ve posted and that’s probably because I have started a Facebook fan page. For some reason it has become an easier way for me to post and share images with the people I know. I love it, but the blog is another monster all together. I want to post more stories and personal stuff to but finding the time is next to impossible. So here’s a quickie of what’s been going on. Let’s start with the wedding world. After years of photographing kids, many folks know that I have ventured into the wedding market. My goal this year was small. Shoot 4 total. That’s all. But with the help of my Facebook page and some loyal clients, I have now booked a total of 13 weddings! HOLY CRAP! How did that happen? Who cares, I couldn’t be happier. Here are a few samples of a wedding I did for my dear friend Blake and his wife Leona. They actually got married in Philly even though the live in Hawaii!