Kaithlyn and Jackson

Finally, time to blog. Between both my boys finally being in school at the same time, (a day I NEVER thought I would see) and just the regular running around, I feel like I can't tell my ass from my toenail.  But I'm lucky and blessed to have problems like to this to be honest with ya!

I’ve away a long time in terms of mind and body, but now I’m back and ready to jump into my wedding season feet first. Before I get into what the hell I’ve been doing, I thought I would start with a wedding. I’m trying to learn new ways to post multiple images, so bare with me folks.

Back in January, which seems like an eternity ago, I was able to attend a very special wedding. Emotions were high, the bride was breathtaking, and the groom was beyond classy, in a funky hip sorta way.

Kaithlyn and Jackson were married in Sturbridge at the Publick House. I think this inn must have been over 150 year old, complete with the most amazingly kitschy wallpaper (a dream for me anyway)! Oh, not to mention, hands down, the best turkey dinner EVER!  The DJ, Champagne Toast, kept that dance floor packed from start to finish, and I was even lucky enough to have my friend and fellow photographer, Jennifer Star, come up from New Jersey to 2nd shoot the day for me.