Jenna, Filipe and the insane thing I did to book this wedding!

Ah…. Jenna and Filipe. What can I say? A LOT! Here’s how it all happened.

Last year, I was scouting a location for a wedding at Tuppor Manor, for a wedding I was to shoot that coming weekend. As I wondered around I noticed a pretty blue eyed young woman and her friend scoping out the place. A woman met them at the front and began to give them a tour. I figured out that right then and there that she was checking out the place for her own wedding. So I did what any insane person would do, I stalked her. I mean, what the hell? What did I have to lose? So I waited out front, for what seemed like FOREVER! But it was a 70-degree day in November and just worked on my tan while I waited. When she emerged from the building I pretty much accosted her. Gave her my card, told her what I did and that she had to hire me. I never thought I would hear from her. I was pretty sure she thought to herself, “OK, what was that and who was that insane person?” Lucky for me, she didn’t think that and she actually called! And, actually hired me!

I say lucky for me because Jenna and Filipe are possibly the funniest couple I have worked with yet. Their friends and family were equally as funny and laid back as them, which makes my job not only fun, but super easy. When I asked the couple how inappropriate I could be when shooting the formals to get reactions from people, Filipe proceeded to tell me that since his family is from Brazil they really didn’t speak much English. But he added that one word that his parents DID know was the word “f_ck” and they though it was a really funny word.

Well that works for me!

Jenna and Filipe were into doing anything and were so silly that I decided to capitalize on the moment with these....

 The dancing was NON STOP and actually was initiated by Jenna and her cousin having a serious model walk off a la Zoolander.