The Ice Cream Elopement that started it all! Mark and Angela

The Ice Cream Elopement that got it all started for me! When people see the shots of this couple in front of the truck, almost everyone tells me that’s when they knew they wanted us to work together. So here’s how it happened.

Angela is a friend of mine. I think she is the bee’s knees. (I know that sounds super corny but that’s really the only way I know how to describe her) She works at Oleana, probably my all time favorite restaurant in Boston. Believe it or not, I actually ate there in active labor with my 2nd kid, because we had reservations and I didn’t want to miss it. Yes, that’s how good it is.

Anyway, Oleana and their sister café/bakery Sofra are one of my clients. I have photographed food their and Angela seems to manage all that stuff. (I think that’s what she does there. I don’t know but whatever she does there, it’s important.) I’m rambling! Sorry.

One day I receive an email from Angela, kinda out of the blue. Here’s how the conversation went once we spoke on the phone.
Angela – Hey how’s it going?
Me – Great what’s going on?
Angela – I need to ask you favor, are you ready?
Me – Sure…what’s up?
Angela – I’m getting married. Actually, I’m eloping…like NEXT WEEK! Can you shoot it? And NOT TELL ANYONE AT ALL! I MEAN NO ONE, not my boss, no one!
Me – NO WAY! That is so cool. I would love to. Who’s gonna be there?
Angela – You, the justice of the peace, and Mark of course. That’s it!

So now I’m totally blown away that I am literally the ONLY person that is going to witness this fantastic thing! I was beyond honored that Angela and Mark even thought of me. So I cleared my schedule, lined up sitters for the kiddos and met her on Newbury Street a week later!

We met at the hair salon, where her great friend Theresa showed up to help her get her flowers and surprise Angela with a wedding gift. The gift was ME! Theresa took care of my fee, which I thought was the sweetest thing ever.

 From the salon we drove down to the Public Garden where Mark and the JP meet us.

They picked their choice of ceremony on the spot and that was it! And I have to say; it was the most intimate moment of any wedding I have ever been to. It almost made me wish I had eloped!

After the ceremony, which lasted all of 10 minutes, (my kind of ceremony, short and to the point) we did a few formals and ran around for a bit.

But then…they got hungry.

Angela kept teasing Mark because he was dying for a hot dog. So we ran to the Frosty Truck on Arlington and Boylston, (in the Back Bay) where they grabbed a dog and lemonade.

These shots were not set up AT ALL! Not for one sec. They are really eating. I didn’t say much, just kept snapping away. I couldn’t have posed this if I tried. I always say that photograph is part skill and luck. Luck that you have great chemistry with your subjects. Luck that the weather is good. Luck that you get those in-between shots when no one is looking. Maybe it’s not luck as much as it’s a happy accident.

Couples ask me if they can do a “shot like the ice cream truck…you know the one on your site”. And I tell them, “well, if you want to elope, not tell anyone, find perfect weather and get hungry for a dog, maybe. But sorry, I can’t promise. That shot was meant for Angela and Mark”