My biggest fan - Karmella and David get married!

Yeah yeah, I know, I said I'd blog more, I know I know...Well I'm doing it now.  So here we go.  

Karmella found me in my earlier days of shooting weddings.  I have no idea how she found me.  I think she said "The Knot", but I'm not sure.  She booked me out months and months in advance.  And what I do know is that this amazing lady has been pimping out on that site now for a good long while.  She follows my Facebook Fan page religiously and makes me feel like a million bucks when she posts comments.  I love her so! 

She and David met online (lots of my couples do and I think it's so great!)  Karmella and David both stressed that they loved "funky kick ass colors" and so I tried my hardest to honor that request.  I have to say, that their wedding day was pretty wild, being that it was the day before hurricane Irene hit, and I swear, it rained and rained and rained that day.  And hot!!!!! Humid!!!! Oy!  But Karmella didn't care one bit.  She was just thrilled to be marrying her beloved David, rain or shine!  So here's to you lady Karm and your awesome postman, David. 

So this is Karmella's dad!  He is super groovy!