Kickass Cupcakes gets a Goof Booth™

I love to shoot food because it doesn't talk back and I get to stuff my face at the end of the day.  Totally fun!  My husband is a chef.  It's great, yes I know.  And yes, he does cook a lot at home.  I'm spoiled.  Yup, yup....all true.  When we got married in Los Angeles, my husband was working at a restaurant that was very "up and coming" at the time.  It was called Lucques. (it's huge now and has a bunch of other fantastic spots.) His boss, Suzanne Goin, made him the great chef he is today.  The entire staff, along with Suzanne and her business partner, Caroline Styne, were our family when we lived out there.  They let us have our wedding there.  They actually CLOSED down their place and let us and 120 of our closest friends take over that place.  It was magical and we are forever grateful.  They provided us with so much and the staff all worked for us as a wedding gift.  AND....their pastry chef, Sarah Ross, offered to make our wedding cake.  It was her first cake ever and it was so good it made you wanna slap yo mama.  White chocolate strawberry shortcake.  Hello......diabetic coma delicious.  I'm tellin' ya. That was 12 years ago and we have since returned to the Boston area.  Little did we know, Sarah happened to move around the same time and opened one of Boston's first cupcake boutiques called Kickass Cupcakes.  About three years or so after we arrived, a farmer that we knew told us that Sarah was here and owned this little hot spot.  So being the drop in kinda person that I am, I wondered into her store in Davis Square and surprised her.  I told her that if she ever needed food photography I would be happy to help her out.  And that's how my relationship with Kickass Cupcakes was born.  I have shot plenty of cake and details of the store.  But about a month ago, Sarah asked me if I would be into doing portraits of her staff.  Especially the bakers, who work their asses off every day to make the thousands of cupcakes she sells in droves.  I pitched to her that instead of doing the run of the mill regular boring ol' commercial head-shots, what about a Goof Booth™?  She was down and so was her staff.  Here is the result of our first trial run.  We are going to do an entire storefront staff shoot in a few weeks.  But the bakers are in bed early and it was their turn.  Can't wait to go back.

The best part was I had a Boston Cream Cupcake for breakfast today.  Crap, I gotta go to spin class!

Oh, don't forget to follow Sarah and her Kickass adventures on her twitter pageCLICK HERE.  This way you can find out where her amazing cupcake truck is if you got a hankering for something sweet.