Blame the Muppet! Laura and Dan's engagement session

I love teachers!  And I really love it when two teachers hire me to photograph their wedding.  Enter Dan and Laura.  Two amazingly gifted teachers who are getting married next year and wanted to get right down to the business of knocking out their engagement photos right away.  I love it when my couples take charge! I arrived at their amazingly HUGE loft apartment and decided to start by shooting in the bedroom first.  As I was setting up my first few shots something caught my eye.  It was wrapped in plastic and super colorful.  I thought to myself - what is that?  Is it?  HOLY CRAP IT IS....

Me:  Hey, is that what I think it is?

Dan:  Yup!

Me:  Holy crap, is that a MUPPET?

Dan:  Yes, it's actually a Muppet of me!  It's called a Muppet Whatnot and it was a gift

Me:  Well there is NO WAY you are gonna talk me out of using that in this session!

Dan and Laura:  Let's do it.

The rest as they say, is history!  Laura and Dan, if this engagement session is any indication of what your wedding is going to be like, well, I'm a dead woman.  Can't wait.