The One and Only - Boston City Hall Elopement of Isabel and Amanda

It went something like this....not exactly but something like it. Ring Ring


"Hello Ma'am I'm calling from Florida.  My fiance and I are coming to Boston from Florida.  We are getting married at City Hall.  We really need a photographer and found you on Are you around on February 1st?  We have never been to Boston ma'am, but we are hoping it will snow.  Are you free?"

She was nervous I could tell by the tone of her voice.

"Well, please please please don't call me ma'am.  And of course I would love to be your wedding photographer if you will have me.  How many people are coming"



"Really, just me?"

"Yes, just you and my fiance Amanda of course"

"Hell yeah, I'm in.  I can't believe it, I get to be the only one in the room with you two?  I'm so humbled and I'm a HUGE support of marriage equality!  I'm all in!"

I was hired.  Then I had to wait.

February 1st came. I met Isabel and Amanda at the Charles Street Inn in Beacon Hill where we snapped a few before heading out to City Hall in Boston.  Isabel thought a cab would be a great way to get there but there was no way I was going to let this couple take a typical yellow cab.  I picked up my cell and got them an Uber car.  Within minutes a brand new Lincoln Town Car showed up and whisked us away.

It was COLD!  But they didn't care.  They were in love and getting married in a state where it is LEGAL!  I love that!

Amanda and Isabel are married and I was there to share in their love.  Take a peek.