The Collective 10

A few months ago my phone rang.  It was my friend, Jennifer Starr, asking me if I was interested in being a part of her new personal project.  She had the idea to create a blog that would showcase work from 10 different female photographers from around the country.  The concept seemed pretty simple.  We would be assigned a theme per week that she could showcase within our photography.  Simple right?   Not really.  But I was  up for the challenge.  So as of today, the blog site is LIVE!  Anyone can subscribe to the weekly "exhibit" of 10 women photographers and see how WE interpret these themes. My goal when agreeing to join this amazing project was to try and step outside the box.  I want people to look at the work on the Collective 10 and actually TRY to find which piece is mine.  And when they do, I hope they say, "No way!  I would have never thought her work would look like THAT".  I want my photography on the Collective 10 to stand very much apart from my paid work.

Thanks Jennifer for allowing me to be included in The Collective 10.  I am up for anything you throw my way!

If you wish to subscribe to The Collective 10.  Click HERE!  You won't regret it one bit.