A French Affair - Chris and Nadia at The Mansion at Turner Hill

Nadia and Chris got married on April 27, 2013 with a ceremony and reception at the Mansion at Turner Hill in Ipswich, MA. Nadia is a teacher and Chris is a musician. Their wedding was full of the hippest peeps I have ever seen, a lot of  artists and other musicians. Adding to that cool vibe was Turner Hill itself, the most amazing venue ever. I felt like I was on the set of the movie The Great Gatsby while I was there.

Meg Belanger was my second shooter, and we stopped for a quick bite to eat before getting to work. While we were waiting in a small cafe near Turner Hill,  I noticed this pretty woman with her hair all done up. I did a double take. It was my bride, Nadia! She was grabbing a bite to eat with a couple of her bridesmaids before getting to the venue. Hair Crafters did wonders with the girls hair, and they looked amazing. I wasn't supposed to start shooting for about another 45 minutes, but I couldn't help picking up a few images at that moment.

The weather was fantastic for a wedding, and when I drove up to Turner Hill, my head almost exploded with joy. Every spot on the property was amazing! After Meg and I arrived, we got settled in and shot the details of the day. The couple went with a French theme, which was really beautiful and very fitting to the venue. They incorporated lavender all over the place, both dried and fresh. Florist Sandra Petryk even put them into all the flowers for the day. Their guest book was actually not a book at all but an actual antique typewriter that people were able to type messages to the couple.

When it was time, Meg went with the groomsmen and I went to photograph Nadia and her girls. They opted for a first look and Nadia asked if it was ok to go behind Chris and whisper in his ear. Little did I know she was going to tickle him too! From there we did a bunch of amazing formals around the grounds. After the formals it was time for the wedding ceremony. Chris's father, Rev Dr. Robert E. Friedrich, performed the ceremony. A good friend of Nadia and Chris, Kelbert McFarland also spoke and gave a blessing. Kelbert's words were so full of wisdom and it really moved the guests.

The reception was lovely with a traditional first dance to start the evening as well as touching toasts from the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Vinwood Catering handled the food, and my friend, Douglas Welch for DJ Artisan Productions, kept the music flowing.

I have to say that everything about this wedding was extremely hip, extremely beautiful and THAT is everything that Nadia and Chris are.  Hip, beautiful and amazing.  Thanks you guys.  I had the best day ever.

UPDATE:  I posted this blog on Wednesday August 21, 2013.  That following Tuesday afternoon, a fellow photographer who knew the couple informed me that Chris passed away suddenly over the weekend. It is now Friday August 30th, and my heart is heavy after returning from the memorial service.  I cannot express my grief and sadness for Nadia as well as all their friends and family.  Chris was a light in the lives of so many.  That was so clear on their wedding day.  I was so in love with both of them.  Chris was an amazing man, musician and husband and I'm so sad that I only knew him for what feels like a brief moment in time.  I love you Nadia.  You will always have a place in my heart.  (And Chris will always be in my thoughts)