The Perfect Storm - The wedding of Suzi and Frank

Frank and Suzi were married on June 22, 2013 at Wysocki's Lake Park Manor in Cicero, NY. I met Suzi Storm (YES THAT'S HER REAL NAME! ) through my favorite wedding DJ and all around great guy DJ Dig-Doug of DJ Artisan Productions. One day he and I were talking and he said, "Hey, you are probably going to get a call from a woman named Suzi Storm. She just got engaged and I told her she had to hire you". I said, "With a name like Suzi Storm how could I say no to that." Sure enough I get an email from her, then we had a skype session, then boom, booked.  Suzi and Frank live in upstate New York, so before her wedding, we had only ever met via Skype. That didn't matter, we clicked right away. She has a fascinating life and even a blog that is very inspiring about her life as a runner, her passion for beer and all things fun.

Suzi told me the story of how she met Frank, "[We] met when I was about 10 years old. Now before you start going “awwwww…childhood sweethearts” ummm, NO! He was about 23 and working at the same company that my mother works for. Then in my early twenties I began to work for the same company. We were always friendly at work and every now and then would see each other out when a coworker’s band was playing at a local bar. Oddly enough (fate? If you believe that sort of thing) we were both recently coming out of long term serious relationships and that is when we started to talk more and hang out with just each others company. Next thing I know, we are almost inseparable day and night. Next thing I know, we fall in love. Next thing I know, we’re engaged (very much to my surprise). Next thing I know, WE’RE MARRIED!! I never, ever would have imagined that Frankie would one day be my husband, but now, I can’t imagine him as anything less to me."

Frank is a super laid back dude and didn't really want any getting ready shots, so I was on my own as the only shooter for this wedding and loved it. DJ Doug and I drove together from Boston and arrived in Cicero, NY the day before the wedding. What a road trip that was! He's nuts. ;-) Wedding day morning I met Suzi at her hotel. Her hair was already done by Innovations Salon & Day Spa and I snapped away as she did her own make up. In addition to her make up, Suzi did every detail herself, the flowers, the centerpieces, the signs, everything. Each centerpiece consisted of 40 tissue paper flowers. She worked her tail off, and it showed.

Before Suzi put her dress on, she opted for a "Dirty Work" session! What's that? Well I will do a serious blog about it another time, but it's basically a fun and fast boudoir shoot right before the bride dresses. Suzi told me that I was able to show you guys a photo or two, so I picked just one. The rest are for her husband's eyes only! Sorry!

After she was ready, Suzi and I found a field right behind the hotel for formals and then we were whisked away to Wysocki's Lake Park Manor to get some nuptials on! Their ceremony was short and sweet, then it was off to party with her friends and family. I loved their cake topper, the bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein himself. So fun and looked so tasty surrounded by cupcakes were from Sweet Rebecca's Cupcakes & Confections. I was skeptical that anyone would dance at a day time wedding, but as usual, Doug the DJ rocked it and and the floor was packed the whole day. In the middle of the reception I was able to grab Suzi, Frank and Frank's son Damon away for some more fun formals and even a little cigar break.

I feel like Suzi and I have a very special bond. I know that I was a stretch for her in terms of budget, but she believed in me and I promised her I wouldn't let her down. She was not sure about doing her dirty work session and I told her she could cancel that no problem but I feel that it really empowered her in more ways that anyone will ever know. (that's between me and the Storm)

I just loved being able to travel up to NY to spend a very important moment in Suzi and Frank's life. I loved that he supported her in bringing me in and investing in the photos. Photos that they will have forever. Love you guys!