Reach for the Sky! The engagement of Dan Sky and Emily

2013.01.14_Gorski_McHale-0094_WEBDan Sky is not only my groom to be but is also a friend. He is one of two wedding DJ's that I recommend to clients, because he's not only a DJ but he is also so much more than that. He is the most insanely talented singer ever and he actually was on the hit TV show "Making the Band"! Remember that show? I met him when I was shooting a wedding and realized that the standards that this DJ was playing was ACTUALLY Dan! He sounded just like Frank Sinatra. I swear! I would have never known. And from that moment on we were fast friends. I was so happy when Dan told me that he wanted me to shoot his wedding! He could have picked anyone since he knows about a billion people. So I signed on and that was that. But who was the woman that stole Dan's heart? I had to wait until their engagement session to find out because Dan was keeping her under wraps. This past January, I was fortunate enough to spend an entire afternoon in East Boston and Cambridge with Dan and his amazing fiance, Emily. She is completely his opposite and it works for them. They met working for a Bar Mitzvah entertainment company. So during their session I got to see Emily was just as much a ham as Dan even though she is mellow at first glance. Basically the entire session all we did was laugh our asses off. I especially loved when Dan pulled his "boy band" posses that he learned when he was a young thing. We were all cracking up. I can't wait to share the wedding pictures with you!