What Motherhood means to me


Motherhood is.... Mourning the loss of your old life

Welcoming in your new one

It's not like the movies

It's really feeling like an adult for the first time

It's trying to maintain a source of identity

It's lonely even when you have a person with you all the time

It's baseball, basketball, running from thing to thing

It's the silent war of the working mothers vs the stay at home mothers

It's freaking out every time your child goes outside alone for their own state of independence but keeping that freak out all bottled up inside

It gives new meaning to the word all-nighter

It's letting go of control and allowing your partner to help, even when you think it's all your responsibility

It's learning to ask for help

It's finding new friends

Because you have to

It's trying to figure out how to go on a date with your spouse and NOT talk about your kids

It's not getting grossed out by things that used to gross you out

It's trying to get out of the slippery slope of wearing sweats all the time

It's realizing there is a fine line between being a cool mom and turning into Amy Poehler's character from the movie "Mean Girls"

That going food shopping or running to Target without kids feels almost as relaxing as a spa day

It's have a new found respect for single moms because it's hard enough to do it with two people

It's learning that motherhood can be gender neutral because I know a lot of stay at home dads that sound JUST like stay at home moms when the vent about every day stuff

It's unconditional love for sure

Happy Mother's Day!  And feel free to add comments below to this one!

Thank you to Ashley of Pizzuti Photography for these images of me and my boys.