Get your hair "did"

I have to say that most women I know LOVE products of all kinds.  Once, when I was tending bar, I had a customer come in and tell me that he and his buddy had just spent about $400 at Sears.  When I questioned him on what he had purchased, he simply beamed and stated, "Tools baby, but you wouldn't understand what I mean."  And with that I said, "Oh yeah, let me loose in a beauty supply store and I can beat that spending spree by a mile. "  

So when I was asked to review a hair care line, I couldn't say yes fast enough.  Now, even though I love all things beauty and fashion, I'm pretty simple when it comes to my routine.  I don't use a styling product, except for the occasional hair serum.  My make up application is simple, concealer, a little bronzer, mascara and gloss as far as a daily routine.  I just don't have the time or the money to get super invested in all that stuff.  But what I do own is great stuff and I won't skip on certain items.  I'm a fan of quality, not quantity.  So that being said, let's talk hair care.
Profound Beauty is a salon quality hair line that is basically customized for your every need.  Before buying this line, I would recommend logging on to the Profound Beauty website and answering their ENTIRE questionnaire. (It's called "find your routine")  By doing this, you will receive a complete and detailed report on what products will work best for your type of hair and scalp.  Everything from shampoo to styling gel is designed with hair type in mind. And let me just say, these product DELIVER!  They have made a believer out of me hands down.  (and I'm a super skeptic)
I guess the best way to describe it all is by giving you a little history of my hair.  Here's the Readers Digest version of it.  My hair is long, brown, and very wavy.  It's oily within 24 hours of washing.  If I use any type of hair serum, my hair and scalp look like you could fry an egg on in about 6 hours.  But at the same time, it's more on the normal side some days. I wonder... is their a category for "combination hair" like they have for skin?  Anyway, since turning 40 the grey is coming in like gang busters (Shit!) so now I color it on a regular basis.  Sometimes I highlight if I have the bucks and the 2 hours of leisure time.  But I can't stand roots and to maintain  them costs almost as much a month as my kid's preschool.  So I filled out the "routine" and let the computer do it job.  Here is breakdown of what they sent me and how it works.
Shampoo and conditioner
Profound Beauty's shampoo and conditioners are called ANATOMY.  The items they sent were Anatomy 90/10 shampoo and Anatomy 05/95 conditioner.  Both smell amazing and the shampoo is Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Sodium Chloride free.  Which means long lasting hair color protection, low sudsing and clean rinsing.  So keep in mind that you won't have piles of bubbles when you lather, but that doesn't mean your hair ain't gettin' clean.  In fact it will be squeaky clean...literally.  So you do really need to consider using their conditioners to compliment the shampoo.  They rinse easily and the fragrance lasts into the later part of the day.  But the great thing about this line, that I don't even think the company knows about but I found is this...I just had a baby, and as most women who have had kids know, your hair falls out.  A LOT!  Normally when I step out of the shower and look into the drain, there is a pile of hair gathering slime.  But after using the Anatomy line, I found only a few strands in the tub.  Now you may be thinking, "Maybe your hair has just stopped falling out".  NOPE - when I used my other shampoos, there was still a slime collecting pile of hair in the drain.  So that's a nice added perk from the line.  My hair also stayed freshly washed looking for 2 DAYS!
As far as styling goes, the possibilities are endless.  Here's is what the computer picked out for me and how it works. The line is divided up into categories.  For example, the HUSH line is for frizz and fly away control.  The STYLIST Line is used for basic styling, and the breakthrough part of their line is the ATMOSPHERE line does exactly what it sounds like - mimics the atmosphere. (i.e. "arctic chill" delivers a icy high shine to hair)
Primping spray
This product smells fantastic.  It's designed to prep your hair for heavy duty styling such as blow drying and flat ironing.  It makes your hair super soft, provides protection from UV rays and it's light weight formula and spray application makes for thorough distribution. You can use this product even if you are aren't planing to torch you hair with a heat seeking missile like a flat iron.  Either way your hair is soft and not weighed down whatsoever!
Frizz Zero Spray
The name on this one says it all.  Zero frizz, easy pump spray, great smell easier blow drying, and helps hair resist humidity.  It won't weigh your hair down and once again, like the primping spray, delivers.
Tropical Dew
Plumps, gives a very wet look to your hair.  But here's the great thing about it.  Think back to the days of Tenax and Dippity Do, when you wanted that wet slick look, but in the mean time the product left your hair feeling like straw and left white flakes.  This product does no such thing in  the texture department.  It does leave your hair slick and extremely wet looking.  But your hair remains super soft with no straw like texture at all.  I used to to lacquer my hair into a pony tail and my layers remained attached to my head even in the windy autumn of Boston.
Curl Glaze
This was my all time favorite.  It made my wavy hair into super curls with one application.  It dispenses as a foamy mouse but when you rub your hands together prior to application it morphs into a sticky gel like texture. I applied to my clean, wet head, scruntched and twisted my hair and let it air dry.  My curls were so corkscrew-like I could have opened a wine bottle with one.  They never frizzed out or lost their elasticity.  Loved it!
Linear Serum also from the Stylist line
Your basic hair serum but with a twist.  NO OILY RESIDUE!  A few pumps in the palm of your hand, apply to your towel dried hair, style as usual and voila, amazingly straight, no flyaways and soft beyond belief.  Not to mention that even with this in my hair, I still did not need to wash it for 2 days.  I actually applied it after blowing and straightening.  My other fave in this line for sure.
So were there any cons to this line.  Yes, one.  The name!  To me, Profound Beauty does not sound like a line I would purchase in a salon.  It sounds like a line I would have bought on QVC.  Not that there's anything wrong with those lines.  I normally would haven't give Profound Beauty a second look just because of the name.  It's not sleek enough.  Because not only is the product sleek, it's glorious!