FYI, I'm sticking to my guns

Sorry folks, I just can't get myself to start a new blog. If you don't get my humor, my potty mouth, and truly believe that I would actually have the audacity to speak to your kids they way I do in my blog, maybe I'm not the photographer for you. And that's OK.

Why anyone would think I would curse and speak inappropriately in front of their children is out of their minds. That's not who I am at all. But for years I was always searching for who I am and now that I have found it I choose not to change for anyone. I may miss a few clients on the way, but that's OK. The ones who read this and "get it" are the ones who will like my work. Sorry but that's just the way I have to do it. So to all that have followed me this far, stay along for the ride. It may be a bumpy one.