The good news and the bad news

Hooray, I actually won The Parent's Choice Award for! You are looking at Boston's Best Family Photographer! I'm so thrilled and I couldn't have done it without the the support of my clients and friends voting day after day. I'm actually not sure how fair this competition was because you could vote over and over again and was just a bit weird. But what the hell, I'm thrilled and honored nonetheless! So thanks to all that helped me win the title.

Now the bad news. Sigh...ok, I am raising my prices a bit. Not much, but I have not raised my prices in over 4 years and it's kind of time. BUT...I'm keeping my print prices the same. I hope I don't drive away customers, but if I am going to keep up with the technology that keeps me shooting digitally, it must be done.
Blah! Talking money sucks.