My first was that hard.

Finally, I get a call from a woman requesting a photo of her newborn baby. Here I am, thinking, “Oh, how hard can it be? It’s hot as hell out, so the baby will sleep, and I’ll just shoot”. Well, I need to get off the cocky mobile, because that shit was hard! The baby was an angel, slept the whole time. The hard part was getting creative and coming up with stuff that didn’t look like…well, a typical newborn shoot. But you know what? Little babies are so awesome and they really don’t need much. It’s nice because I can keep my prices on the lower end, because you can only do so much with a little guy or girl. So I just shot and sweated my booty off cause it was 100 degrees in the shade. All I kept thinking was, god, I would love to sleep away the afternoon, under a tree, in nothing but a sheet too.