The great Chloe Lark will bring me to Los Angeles! Woo Hoo.

Happy day was my 4th. My dearest friend, Kathleen, and her husband Eric came east for a visit over the holiday. Now, keep in mind, Kathleen and I go WAY back. We went to college together, she used to apartment sit for me when I would run back to Philly on holiday breaks. She was a fantastic choreographer and put me in some amazing work. I even pulled out all stops for her and danced in the buff for her senior choreography project. (Yeah yeah…I know, insane! But the piece was brilliant!) AND…she was there for the birth of my first son. Talk about a real friend, she was with me through the entire labor and cleaned up lord only knows what as I transitioned, puked and crawled around on all fours so I could make it to 6cm before going to the hospital. Like I said, big time true buddy. But I digress.
I was so excited because I was finally going to be able to photograph her exquisite little girl, Chloe. Now, keep in mind I shot these totally on the fly. Chloe is a lady on a mission. She is constantly on the go, but I was determined to give Kathleen and Eric something. I only had about 20 minutes but I feel that I captured the essence of their little girl.
Eric and Kathleen have asked me to come to Los Angeles to photograph them as a family. How could I say no. So I’m putting together a package in hopes of rounding up a few families while I’m in the LA area. I’ll do two days on the West side and two days in the Valley/ Hollywood Hills. The package will include the shoot, full post retouching and fun effects, online proofing gallery, and the full size, edited retouched images on a DVD. Each shoot should produce about 60-100 images (that’s not what I’ll shoot, but what you will get when I’m done.) Once you have these images on disk, you can upload them anywhere, print them anywhere and of course, use them for your holiday cards. I’m looking at an early November arrival.  Please contact me directly through my website for prices and availability.  And please follow me on my blog.  I update it a bit more than my actual website these days.
Here are a few photos I shot of Chloe on the run!