An Intimate Afair-Boston Public Garden Elopement of Mark and Angela

I’m so happy I decided to take the plunge and start shooting weddings. I’ve done quite a few, but there are days where I’m not so sure I have found my voice. And just when I doubt myself I get a client that hands me a situation that let’s my mind run wild. And the best part is, that the client, or couple in this case, trusts me enough to do it.
Enter Angela and Mark. I have known Angela for a couple of years now. She not only does most of the press for Oleana and Sofra but she also books the weddings at Oleana. So I was shocked and totally thrilled when she included me in on her secret. After a few years together, she and her fiancé, Mark, decided to get married. But here was the catch; NO ONE was to know about it. They were eloping. So the wedding party consisted of…ME. I was thrilled, honored and humbled that she even considered me to capture this moment for them. The other catch was that I was not allowed to breathe a word of it to ANYONE and I couldn’t use to photos in posts or on my site until after they told their families. The photos were actually going to be the proof that they had done it AND they were going to make small books and prints to give to their families as a well of telling them.
So on a beautiful morning in late June, I met Angela at her hairdresser on Newbury Street and did a few getting ready shots. (Which she told me not to do, but of course, I didn’t give a crap and did it anyway.) Then her dear friend, Theresa, drove us down to the Public Garden, where the Justice of the Peace and her darling fiancé, Mark was waiting. Side note, another fun surprise was the fact that her friend Theresa actually purchased the session for them and told her at the salon that day. I love a good surprise.
The end result was beyond what I had dreamed up, because their “reception” was in front of JENNIFER'S FROSTY truck, where they dined on hot dogs and frozen lemonade. I couldn’t have dreamed it up better myself.
Yes, I now have permission to post these.  I really CAN keep a secret!  But boy was it hard because I love the photos so much.
Here are a few shots at the salon.
I love Angela's dress.  Totally sexy!
Here's a great shot of her friend, Theresa, who surprised the bride and groom with the actual photo   session.  They were so touched.
A few of the actual ceremony.  It really was just me and the JP.  Love it!
Angela waiting for Mark.  You can see him walking towards her on the right, in the suit and sunglasses.
 I loved that they immediately embraced as the met at the park.
That's the JP in the background, as Angela picks the type of service they want.  I love things that are "on the fly".
     And now...husband and wife!
I swear, I was going to get hit by a car for these shots, but I figured, the cops in front of the Four Seasons would provide assistance.
Here are a few really fun shots in front of the FROSTY truck.  I called these the "reception shots".
For this shot, I told Mark to think of Joey from the show "Friends" and say to her, "How you dooin'".  It worked.
This last shot below is one I couldn't have planned better myself.  Check out the girl inside the truck.  Hilarious and I just love the entire moment within the shot.  It's my masterpiece!  No modesty here.  I love it and I love Mark and Angela too.  Thanks guys for including me on your special secret.  It was hard to keep quiet.