First spring wedding of my season - Kelly and Dan at the Taj

Please don’t laugh when I tell you that this was the year that I decided to finally DVR the last season of Oprah. What does this entry have to do with Oprah? Not much and everything. During her last episode…no, not the one where it was like night of 1001 stars, the actual final episode where she reads a love letter to her viewers. There was a moment where she talked about finding that ‘thing’ that feeds your soul and doing it. The thing that sparks you and almost gets you high while you are doing it. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would find something that gets me as high as dancing. I made a meager living doing that up until my mid twenties, but then I struggled throughout the rest of my adult life to find something, anything that floated my boat in the same way. Yeah yeah, photography, you know that already. But who would have guessed that it would be wedding photography that did it to me. Whelp that’s what it was. …(My friend Glenn thinks it funny that I still use the word whelp)

So here I am to start blogging about my drug/career of choice, with my first wedding blog of my 2011 season.

Ah…Kelly and Dan. I posted their engagement session a while back and finally the end of April was their actual wedding day. The date: April 30th. The location: The Taj Boston. What a spot! The roof deck is fantastic and that’s where the entire day took place. And who the hell doesn’t love shooting in the public garden? I mean, come on people! Seriously. It’s doesn’t get much better!

Here are a few images from their day. Miss you two already. Thanks to my cousin Corrine to hooking me up with them.  I have to say, there were so many and it's now so late, I could only get to these.  I have to go to bed.   I have another wedding tomorrow, and I still have to figure out the getting the kids to school stuff first.  :-)

I have so many more and maybe I'll blog another set later on.  This was just a taste!