Hannah and Rob's 1st look with my pal Meg Belanger.

I love to second shoot for other photographers. I REALLY love to second shoot for my good friend Meg who owns Margaret Belanger Photography. Actually, we second shoot for each other quite a bit. I love to second shoot because it is all the fun, and none of the pressure. Your job is to get all the details and crazy things; basically you just need to have the main photographer's back. I love shooting for Meg because not only do I learn a lot, but also we have a great time. (She gets really nice clients BTW). I feel that I always have something to learn. A wise dance teacher named Milton Myers once told me when I was a student at Jacob's Pillow, "Girlfriend, the minute you think you don't need to take class anymore or have nothing to learn, you better stop dancing all together." I take that to heart in most things that I do. But I digress.

The main purpose of this entry is to answer the question that a lot of my clients ask me. "Do you think we should do a first look? I kinda wanted to wait until I am walking down the isle before my husband/wife sees me for the first time.” Well to that I say, it’s really a matter of choice and it’s YOUR day. BUT, take a peek and these baby’s! I LOVED doing this shoot. It was at the Omni Parker Hotel in Boston.  Meg was with Hannah and I stayed with Rob while he waited to see her. Now, I didn’t see Hannah either, because Meg sent me right downstairs to work with the groomsmen. I set Rob up and had him look at me. I talked with him and I saw Hannah before he did. I watched her walk up to him from behind and then told him to look. I think the images speak for themselves here.