Marc and Kristen's Engagement

So, I'm finally on a roll and I'm going to blog my booty off this week.  Now that I bought myself an app called BLOGSTOMP, I can kick out stuff like a madwoman, if I can find the time to just sit for a sec!  The goal, two blogs to night!  Three by the end of the week...BUT DON'T HOLD ME TO THAT!  :-)

Marc and did we meet?  Oh yeah, they found me on the Willowdale Estate's Facebook page.  I'm tellin' ya, that social networking thing is amazing!  Love love love.  And when I met love love!  They are getting married at the Willowdale in December and I have already prepped them that their formals WILL be in that bathtub!  They seemed down for anything!  Can't wait until the 16th.