Monica and Chris - A Cape Crazy Time

Most folks don't believe it when I tell them I have never been to the Cape. Well, that is until this year. I guess that's not totally true, I did spend a week in Woods Hole with my best friend many years ago. But I always thought that Woods Hole was kinda like Purgatory for the Vineyard and Nantucket. So when this wedding fell into my lap, I jumped at the chance. But I almost didn’t get this one…

Chris is one of my husband’s best friends. No one thought he would EVER get married. But then he met this fantastic girl named Monica, and that was it.

We were invited to their wedding and then a few months before the big day, we get a call from them saying they weren’t crazy about the photographer they were planning on booking and felt funny about asking me, but really wanted me at the same time. They were concerned because they wanted me to be a guest, not have to work, and enjoy the party while hanging with my husband. But here’s the thing; I’m not from my husband’s hometown. Hell, I’m not even from Massachusetts. And I have to tell ya, I have NEVER seen folks booze it up like people in Massachusetts! I just can’t compete, not by a long shot. So I can be kinda boring at events like that. And the last thing I wanted to do was to have my husband constantly asking me, “Are you having a good time honey?” What a drag for him to deal with that! So I explained to them it was probably a better idea for me to actually WORK and watch my husband have fun. Not to mention he and all of his friend acted as the best party wranglers EVER!

Their wedding was in Dennisport MA, at the Pelham House right on the ocean. It was just beautiful. The weather was crappy and cold, but no one seemed to care in the least. Monica did every single detail herself, with the help of friends and family. I was majorly impressed. And talk about a happy ending (not that kind silly…you dirty thinking folks), they are expecting their first baby next year! Chris, you outdid yourself. Monica is truly the BEST! And Chris, so are you. ☺