It's senior portrait time!

I'm a doofus! I photographed this senior last year but never posted it except to my Facebook page! So in in lieu of being hired this year as the senior portrait photographer for Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall School, I figured I better blog this one so they have a frame of reference! Shanice is the bestest, brightest, hottest lady I know. And Iā€™m not just saying that cause her mom, Danielle is the coolest, hardest working personal trainer out there! I mean it. Shanice attended Tabor Academy on a full scholarship and after 4 years of busting her butt playing B-ball, she received a college scholarship to University of Hartford!

Here are a few images we shot last spring on a Sunday morning. She was a little shy at first, but after having a little chat about some personal stuff, she was all mine! I love this kid!