Dream on! Forty six senior high school students and me!

This is a quickie but I had to blog it! A few weeks ago I was approached to photograph 46 senior high school students for Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall Boarding School in Waltham Massachusetts. Of course I said yes, because I LOVE teens! Here are a few samples from the shoot. I swear it was basically an assembly line of kids. They sent me one every 15 minutes for two days straight. Every time I had a new subject they asked me, “So what do you want me to do?” I answered the same thing every time. The response was something like this…
“Well, here’s the deal. These photos are for YOU! Your parents will like them because they are images of you! My question to you is, what do YOU WANT? Because it’s not your parents that are going to be posting these all over Facebook or whatever social media thing is happening in 15 or 20 years, you are. So what do you want?” That question led to a plethora of answers. But that’s between the students and me.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall’s class of 2012!