This is a test

As I make list after list of what I need to pack for my first, of hopefully many trips to Camp Hill Special School this week, I decided to give the app for my blog a try. So this is basically a test.

If you are wondering what I'm doing at Camp Hill Special School, I will be photographing fine art portraits and documenting the daily lives of students living at this amazing school and working farm. I really don't have a plan of attack, so to speak, in terms of how to approach this new phase in my work. But I think blogging while I'm there will be a good thing.

So let's see how this blog app works. Here is a post with a few photos from some weddings I did this year. No rhyme or reason to them. Just some samples as a testing 1,2,3 kinda thing.

Actually, I don't believe I have ever blogged this Goof Booth™ before. This one is from the wedding of Carly and Brian and all I have to say is, they really took full advantage of their Goof Booth™!