A Hidden Gem of a wedding - Emily and Marten

Emily and Marten met online.  (I really love that).  He is from my home away from home, Holland and she is from my home…Philadelphia!  When they first started courting me to shoot their wedding, her email said something to the effect of, “I too, am a Philly girl, and you will feel right at home with, my relatives.”  Bingo! 
Everyone who knows me is hip to the fact that I am a PHILLYGIRL!  I grew up around South Street!  I went to Creative and Performing Arts High School.  The Roots used to have jam sessions in front of my apartment right on my stoop!  Philly through and through.  I love living in New England but I’m all about the city.  Don’t get me wrong though, I really do thrive in nature as well.  I lived in the Berkshires for 2 summers in the middle of nowhere, in a cabin, with dancers, in the woods……(another story for another time)
What I think I love most about weddings is all the amazing places they take me throughout New England.  I’m finding hidden gems all over the place thanks to my couples.  My only complaint is that there are no street signs anywhere.  Thank God for my GPS! 
So when they told me that the wedding was being held at Hartman’s Herb Farm in Barre Massachusetts, I was like “Where the hell is that?”  Where is that?  Paradise.  This tiny little rustic farm not too far from civilization.  But just far enough that you feel like you could be anywhere but a city, or even a suburb.  The couple got ready at this fantastic bed and breakfast called the Clamber Hill Inn.  What a place.  You know I'll be taking a 24hr getaway with my hubby here one night.  What a place.  What a wedding.  What a couple!

Emily and Marten opted for a first look and it was so fantastic.  Marten was beaming from ear to ear.

My awesome 2nd shooter, Maura, snapped this baby while I wasn't looking.

There was no way I was gonna miss a shot in the library.

After a few formals (that you saw up above) we headed off to Hartman's Herb Farm.

Emily's maid of honor had Em's back the whole day.

The wedding favors were loaves of bread from my all time favorite bakery, When Pigs Fly.

They played this game that was beyond hilarious.  The couple was seated back to back and then asked a variety of questions and they had to hold up a sign answering "him, her or me".  So clever.

Apparently "he" got a hold of it.

Yes, a limbo line.  No wedding is complete without one I guess.