I Love Music - and Paulette and Nick North End Wedding

Paulette and Nick…what can I say? They had me at “We really love music and we will be blasting it all through the day. Is that going to be a problem for you when you are working?” And I said, “HELLO, HAVE YOU SEEN MY WEBSTIE? Music is my life!” It was love at first site for me! Paulette, the kind soul that stole her husband, Nick’s, heart at a restaurant in Harvard Square. He is a bass player and she is a super smart, beautiful Harvard grad paying it forward in the Boston school system working with teens and changing lives. Their wedding was an intimate affair with about 27 guests. Married at one of the oldest churches in the North End section of Boston, they were committed to doing fun formals and had just as many ideas as me. Maybe more!

Their reception was a small dinner at Mama Marias, also in the North End. I think the best part of the day was not only photographing their wedding, but they actually set a place for me at the table with all of their guests to hang out and have a full dinner. I felt like part of the family for sure. Here are a few samples from their day.

Paulette and Nick got ready at the Marriott in Charlestown.  I was literally running back and forth between floors.  It was pretty great, but I was so nervous that they would run into one another.
Paulette's mother was steaming the hell out of that dress!  She worked it.
Nick's brothers and his father were a scream!  All they did was crack each other up the entire day.
See what I mean?
Again with the jokes. 
I have to say, Paulette did an amazing job doing her own make up. 
Deodorant is always an issue.  I think I need to start carrying it in my bag for brides just in case.
Paulette's mom was the sweetest woman.  I snapped this shot right before her mom broke down in tears.  She was so happy for her daughter.  (Yes I took that shot and yes it came out.  But too personal for the blog.  Sorry folks)
Paulette's friends getting gangsta on me.  Loved that. 
Mothers of the couple.
There is something about this photo that reminds me of JFK jr. and Carolyn Bissette. 
Aaaannnnddddd more gansta posing after the ceremony too.  Yes, I was cracking up.
"Come on, let's shoot in the middle of Hanover Street.  They'll hit me before they hit you."  They went for it.
These last two photos were done as I was leaving.  Paulette and Nick were still upstairs eating, but the light was so fantastic I couldn't pass up one more shot.