Get "Inspired" baby!

I am a super social person and I crave approval from my peers, especially my fellow photographers, but up until last year, I only knew of a couple working photographers and we didn’t get to hang out much.  But my great friend, and really the only good photographer friend, Meg, told me about this fantastic retreat/conference called Inspire and suggested that I attend.  So last year, right before my wedding season officially kicked off, I headed to Concord MA, and spent three days and nights with some really amazing and successful shooters.  No wonder they called it Inspire!  Because let me tell you, I was Inspired like mad.  My business exploded and I over the course of the year, I have remained in touch with all of these gifted folks from all over.  So this year, I decided to return.  The conference was held in Sturbridge this year and they have already announced the dates for next year, so if you are a photographer that is serious about what you do, RUN don’t walk and attend next year.  You can find out more about Inspire and all the details for next years event by clicking here

One thing I know about these photographers is that not only do they work hard but they play hard too!  Take a peek at Karaoke night and see what I mean! 

This is Matt Grazier. He rocks.  It's because of him and his really fantastic wife, Enna, that Inspire exists.

RAW Photo Design had these hilarious custom made undies that everyone was sporting!

This is Danielle Fuller and she is just about as crazy as me!

It's all about the beard baby!

Amber from RAW PHOTO is the queen of boudoir photography!

Krista is rockin' out!

James from THE FEDS is doing the "Boogie Nights" look.

See, just about as nuts as me!

Here is my dear friend, Denise Guerin, from Art+Life Photography!  She came up from Philly for Inspire.

Here is Allana from Ars Magna Studios.  She has taking photography to a new level due to her background in art.  Here she is hanging with my girl Denise.

I swear, the undies were really making the rounds.

Photographer Eric Foley, along with a bunch of other Connecticut wild ones, dragged my ass out to McDonald's at 3am after this party.  
My buddies Denise and Jen Starr from Shutter Starr Photography

I love a wood wall...always tacky and looking good.

Crystal from Studio Photo, in Connecticut, brought her amazing and beautiful daughter Penny along for the ride.  This baby was hands down the mellowest baby I have ever seen.  

Paul and Matt, the Mayor's of Inspire.