"All The Way" - Jen and Jon marry at the Fuller Craft Museum

As a photographer, I believe that no two people are the same. So when I get hired to photograph a wedding, no…make that any job, I go into that shoot completely blank in terms of style. As I get to know my client(s), I seem to find my voice in each person I photograph. And the result of that are no two jobs I do look a like. For example, one couple may be vibrant and wild in personality so I try to make their images reflect that. Another couple may be more on the traditional side, so if it feels right, I will make sure to produce photos that are a little more mellow in terms of colors and post processing effects. However, every couple that comes to me wants the “feeling” of a non-tradition wedding in terms of images. They don’t want to be “posed”, they want to feel natural and know that I will let them be who they are without judgment. This story is a perfect example of that.

Jennifer tracked me down about a year before her wedding in September. She had the date that EVERYONE wanted – 9/10/11! I guess that’s why she contacted me a year before her date. We emailed a few times and when I found out she was a PhD student at Northeastern living in the city, I used that as a great excuse to suggest a fun dinner in the South End. (She was a foodie like myself – BONUS!) We met at Ken Oringer’s Coppa, but of course it was jammed, so we got lucky with a two seats at the bar at Barbara Lynch’s B&G Oysters. We stuffed our faces and got to know each other. I loved how much she knew about food, film and other great stuff. I always say to a couple when they approach me “This is the courtship phase” and that’s exactly how this meeting felt. I was really hoping throughout our dinner that she would book me. All of a sudden, the conversation took a serious turn. Here is how it kinda went.

Jen: Listen. I really want to hire you. I mean, I planned to hire you the second I saw that ice cream shot. My maid of honor picked you as her favorite out of a huge list she gave me. I want to have you as my photographer but I have one thing I need to tell you…”

My mind started to wonder. It takes A LOT to shock me, so I was ready for anything.

Jen: Jon and I are kinda, well…kinda like nerdy.

Me: Huh? Define ‘nerdy’ cause I could be considered one too for all you know.

Jen: Well Jon works for X-Box. We go to Comic Con, like every year. I was dressed as Rogue from X-men when Jon proposed to me…at Disney! Is that gonna freak you out at all?


I know I sounded desperate but there was no way in hell I was going to let this bride get away. NO WAY!

And that was that!

Jen and Jon got married at the Fuller Craft Museum, the most incredible contemporary crafts museum on the East Coast. Jen’s father did the catering. He owns a Thai restaurant and was cooking right up until he had to walk his daughter down the isle. Originally I think Jen was planning on a 50’s vintage inspired theme but then she found her gown, which was more reminiscent of old Hollywood in the 40s. I thought the whole day was perfect. She walked down the isle to the theme from “Lord of the Rings” and the recessional song was "Star Wars"! Jen and Jon also were the first couple ever who totally pulled off the “I think since we are watching our budget, we are just going to do an iPod for music”. Everyone danced, I mean everyone. It was a fantastic night. I still keep in touch with them too. I would probably be hanging out with them if the hadn’t moved to California! Damn that West Coast weather!

Jen's bridesmaid's gifts were flasks.  I loved them!  I believe they were filled.
So this little guy was given to Jen, by Jon and he goes everywhere with her.  Needless to say he made his rounds throughout the night.
Jen made this headpiece.
I mean, come on...how could we not do this one?  It's cheesy but it works!
Jon was a little shy with me at first, and rightfully so.  We had never met until this very moment above.
Jon and his brother had this very funny inside joke about the book in hand.  (I got it)
As you know, I'm a huge fan of the "First Look".  This one went off without a hitch.
There's that frog again...
At this very moment Jen mumbled to the statue..."I'm sorry but you aren't invited to my wedding"
As you can see, there are a lot of fun formals.  This happens when you allow 2 hours for photos prior to the wedding.
Jen's Bro
Jen's mom.
There's "that book" again. 
The night Jen and I met, she told me they were going to get married in front of a "5 foot duck".  She was not kidding.
Aaaannnndddd there is that frog again. 
Wonder Twin Powers Activate!
All bets were off when Michael Jackson's "Thriller" came on.
That necklace hitting that woman's face cracks me up every time I see this photo!
I think he's whispering something to Jon about "that book".
Yes, this man is actually doing a back flip!  I didn't do anything in post.
And there's that frog again.