Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall's Prom gets "Goofy".

I have a new goal!  I'm going to change the face of how a prom does their formals.  This past October, I was hired by Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall, a private school in Massachusetts, to give a make over to their senior portraits.  To view that story, click here.  While I was there, I put a buzz in a few student's ears that I wanted to change the way prom formals were done.  I whipped out my cell phone and showed them my Goof Booth™.  They seemed interested but I didn't think they would actually go for it.  WRONG! About two months ago, the students and staff were willing to give my idea a try.  And on May 31st of 2012, I shoot my first Goof Booth™ Prom!  I believe it was a raging success.  I had a blast.  I loved that the students didn't always use the crazy props provided and were willing to let their hair down regardless.  The other great thing about using my booth at a prom or any event is that, unlike a normal prom, the students and anyone attending can come up to the booth as many times as they wish.  They can take photos with their dates, their friends, their teachers...whatever!  Normal prom formals only allow for 1 chance at a photo.  I believe that the greatest appeal for the kids is letting them have a little control over the overall look and feel of their final hurrah!

My goal for next year is to book up my entire month of May with proms!  So spread the word and let all the young folks in your life that there's a new kind of  prom formals and it's here to stay!  It's formals MY way. Capturing moments, not making them.  That's for the students!

Take a peek below and see what Chapel Hall Chauncy Hall and I captured together.

Stay tuned for the shots we did at the school before heading off to the actual prom.  Those are the next post.