Jumping for Joy - Katie and Jon's engagement session

A few weeks ago a couple that is "courting" me to shoot their wedding asked me "So what does the engagement session consist of?  What's it like?  I don't get it."  That got me thinking. Some couples are more into big time PDA than others.  Some want many locations and wardrobe changes.  Others have no idea what they want.  Me? I really use the engagement/get to know you session as just that.  A get to know you time.  This is exactly how I explained to Katie and Jon how the day would go.  I said that I just wanted to hang out, grab a bite to eat, have a drink and hang out.  The only difference was that I would be bringing my camera.  I really feel like it's all about capturing moments, not making them.  That's for the couple to do.  And for Katie and Jon, that's exactly what they did.  And eventually they did give me a little PDA and some kick ass jumping shots as well.  After hanging out with them for the day, I really feel like I know them on a level that will allow them to "let me in" on their wedding day.

We picked an insane day to head into downtown Boston.  There was a Sox game, a Celtics game, the March for Hunger and some crazy oyster festival in the South End.  So we hopped on the T in hopes of nabbing a table somewhere.  I live to turning my clients on to new restaurants to so landed a few bar stools at The Butcher Shop in the South End, ate and drank a bunch before having a blast shooting.

Katie and Jon, your day will be here before you know it.  And I can't wait to hang out again!