I love you S'more! The engagement of Kat and Chris.

No one believes me when I tell them that I really do like nature.  I have camped out before.  Believe it or not, my first assignment was with the Boston Phoenix, when I was a senior in college at Emerson.  I somehow lied my way into a huge assignment which forced me to camp out in the middle of an apple orchard with my now husband and about 150 other chefs, and my 115 pound Rottweiler.  It was roughing it, minus the amazing food. Three days and two nights of peeing in the woods, no shower, you get the ideal.  So I really can hang, but to look at me you probably wouldn't guess that.  So when my couple Kat and Chris suggested a little walk in the woods for their session, I hung in there with the best of them. The hardest part of doing an engagement shoot is actually coming up with the first location.  Kat and Chris suggested a little walk in the woods.  (seriously...it was more like a mile... a little walk in the woods, HA!)  But when we arrived at a clearing, I discovered that Chris was one step away from being an Eagle Scout and really knew his stuff.  Once settled in, he proceeded to build a fire and whip out s'mores goodies.  From there we moved on to this amazing clearing and shot a few more there.  We wrapped the shoot up pretty quickly but I had one more idea.  I really needed to pick up a few things at Target and hadn't had a single second prior to our shoot to actually stop there.  When I suggested we stop, shop and maybe get in a few shots.  They were so down with the whole thing because they loved the contrast between nature and whole consumerism thing.  I really only needed to go shopping, but I love a little hidden message when added to the mix.