The Broad Spectrum Project - Just a few images today

I have an engagement shoot today so I thought I would just post a few samples from Camphill as I gear up for my February 8th gallery opening. (more on that later, gotta pack my gear now)  Lots of things in the works including the launch of my non profit, that will help me not go for broke when it comes to offering my services for autism portraits.  Plus I have some other projects in the works including more gallery shows, an art instillation and a program that will provide cameras to high school students and young adults who are affected by autism.  Details to come for that one too. Life here at the house with my son has been pretty smooth, for now.  Other than the stimming, which can drive me to drink some days.  The good thing is that it normally only happens in our house.  My son has learned to control and hide it when he is around peers.  Funny, some of his friends actually mirror his "stimming" because he does this weird thing with his fingers that sounds like snapping and "all the kids are doing it" said his buddy "Nick".  Those "kids" don't have autism, so I find it extra hilarious. Monkey see monkey do.

The last time I saw this student he was really having a rough day.  But on this day he was relaxing and and enjoying the first warm day of spring.  His aide peeks into the frame make sure he was doing OK.Weaving, knitting, and all sorts of craft activities help students with fine motor skills development.  The aide on the left (and also in the photo above) was all over the campus on this particular day.  Here he is showing a student how to sew the bottom of the basket.Sometimes the students get sidetracked, which is typical with any kid if you ask me.  This aide is redirecting the student to complete his basket.While non verbal, this young woman signed to me that she really wanted her photo taken.  After I shot this frame, I showed her the back of my camera to which she signed "I'm pretty".  I dare anyone to tell me people with autism aren't connected!The "Blue Room" at the school has amazing light.  I found this student playing the piano.  On some days he would be very receptive to having his photo taken on other days he avoided me like the plague.  Not all students at Camphill have autism.The Kindergarten class has dance therapy a few times a week.  This child uses a binky to help stay occupied and focused."Fight Club" need I say more?Taking a break from dance therapy.  During my visit in the spring I was allow to visit therapy sessions provided I didn't interfere with the work being done.  It was hard for this young girl to focus but I told her I would not take her photos unless she worked hard.  She did.Getting stretched by the therapist.  The student seems happy that I didn't leave the session.When I began to photograph the students at Camphill, I became connected to a few kids right away.  The boy above was the first subject for me.  Every morning he would ask me "Kristin, are you happy?"  I would answer "Yes 'mike' (name is changed), are you?"  "Yup, this is good".  I love 'mike' and his Frisbee.Students in the main house at Beaver Farm, wave to a staff member as she heads towards the barn.