I've got a Sikh-rette - The Wedding of Siri and Gurusangat

Siri an art teacher, curator (she is the reason I am having my first gallery show next month), and artist and a kundalini yoga studio owner and teacher married Gurusangat, a brilliant musician this past July at the Rahm Das Ashram in Millis Massachusetts. FYI, Siri has THE ONLY kundalini yoga studio in Boston!  I had no idea what to expect in terms of the details surrounding a Sikh wedding.  All I was told was "there will be a lot of singing, a lot of chanting, you can't wear shoes and your hair must be covered...oh and it's long".  I was all in.  Cover my head?  You bet!  I quickly went on YouTube and found dozens of video tutorials on how to do it.  I wore all white, took my shoes off and jumped right in. The ceremony was long but didn't feel long.  There was a lot of rituals that fascinated me, and the singing....the singing was amazing.  So moving!  Words cannot describe the emotion that flowed through me during the ceremony.  After the wedding Siri and Gurusangat passed around some sort of sweet paste and these beautiful strawberries to all their guests.  Then it was time for an amazing vegetarian dinner and cake.

I loved every second of this wedding.  Here are some samples.