What Time is it? - Times Square on a Monday night

A couple of weeks ago I was hired to photograph 24 songwriters for my friend's music publishing company in New York City.  While I can't blog about THAT yet, I thought I would post a few images that I took during my downtime.  I am not the kind of photographer that brings their camera EVERYWHERE.  I do, however use instagram and a few other cool apps on my iphone 5 that work great.  I'm 5 feet tall and my gear is heavy.  But on this evening I brought out the good gear and took a walk over to Times Square.  Now, keep in mind that the last time I actually spent time IN Times Square there were still XXX rated theaters, craploads of garbage and the seediest of seeds walking around.  It was great.  So you can imagine my face when I walked into Disney's version of Times Square.  My friend Lauren and I walked around for quite a while and laughed our asses off. Here are a few images from that evening.