*Ding* - Turn da Page - My new album

In the digital age of everything there is something great about analog something.  Just about every client I book really wants the digital images.  While these digital files cost a pretty penny, they are worth it.  But most of  folks who get the files, post them of Facebook, maybe order a few prints and then call it a day.  Some do order albums, but I have to say, online companies like Shutterfly and Kodak make pretty armature looking stuff.  I mean think about it.  You just invested thousands into your wedding, including having me capture your day with my super high end cameras but you will only take the middle of the road when it comes to showcasing them.  I say, "BUY AN ALBUM!"  (only if you can though... they can be pricey).  You can even register for one with me if you don't have the bucks. The first year of my business I didn't really know what kinds of albums I wanted to offer.  After I figured out who my client was, I knew.  Something modern, clean and simple.  Nothing cookie cutter.  Something....different. And of course a few price points to satisfy everyone.  In this post though I'm only going to talk about Couture Book.  Their albums are amazing.  They are true archival coffee table books!  I love them.  Clean, modern and simple.

Side note:  These are not the greatest product stills.  I like to capture people and I think I'll stick to that. Sorry about the lame-o rug that I used too.  :-)


All Couture books begin at a 100 pages.  Most albums begin at 20 pages, so that is a huge difference.  Couture Books are not actual photo embedded in the page.  They are press printed.  It's basically like having the most luxurious coffee table book of your wedding that you could possibly imagine.

I received this sample today and I love everything about it.  This particular wedding sample is a whopping 235 pages!  It's HUGE.  Take a peek.  This album is 10x13.

Press printed and come in two sizes.  10x10 and 10x13.  You can have a silk, cotton or fabric cover.  This album shown below is from the French line of books and this one is the Cannes album.

When you get the album is comes in this nice box with a little ribbon.  Simple stuff, but classy. The cover of this album is made of silk.  The photo spread spans the entire album.  Full cover photo image across the whole front.  Love it.The photos in this album are printed on a cream linen archival stock.  But you can opt for the glossy paper if you choose.The layout that I use to design my albums are pretty streamlined. I usually don't put more than three images on a page. 

This album is Couture Book's New York line.  It is the East Hampton album.  You can get either album 10x10 or 10x13 and the price difference isn't very much. The album shown below is 135 pages with glossy archival paper.

I love that the cover of this particular album matches the jacket cover seamlessly.