Brian and Angie's Wedding Teasers

Fate brought me to Angie and Brian.  I have thousands of amazing images to edit through. I normally don't do teaser blog posts but the feedback on my Facebook Fan Page has been so overwhelming that I felt like a little teaser couldn't hurt.  I have never been emailed by fans, who have been personally emailing me asking for more photos of this couple's wedding.  While I am loving all the feedback, I need to put out there that my loyalty is to the couple first.  They need to see them and just experience the fact that not everyone has seen every image. So, anyway what I will say is that I am madly in love with Angie and Brian.  When I do the full blog I will tell the story of how we came to be and how THEY came to be as well.  What I will say is that they could have hired anyone they wanted, but they took a chance on a short woman living in the Boston area, and for that, I am eternally grateful to them.  They are just how I like my clients, fun, relaxed and full of joy!  We had a ball.  So on February 16th, I had to honor of being their wedding photographer at The Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn.  Angie and Brian are no strangers to the spotlight  Angie is also known as the Angie Pontani, world famous burlesque dancer, who has a heart of gold, loves her family and friends and will do anything for her nephews and nieces.  Brian Newman is probably the most charismatic gentleman I have encountered in years.  He is an incredible trumpet player and has played for many of the many I won't mention them here.  But you can certainly check each of them out by peeking on their websites.

I'll admit that I was so nervous for this wedding I was gagging at lunch before we got started.  All I kept hearing in my voice was Angie assuring me on the phone a few days prior, "Don't worry sweets, it'll be easy peezy"  She was right.  I miss them so much already.

Special shout out to Meg Belanger and Matt Grazier for heading down to Brooklyn and helping me shoot this amazing "show" (as Brian put it a few days ago)  I couldn't have done it without them!  They really had my back!

Here are a few teasers for you to check out!