Sarah, Ed, Maddy and Henry - Family Session at Wright Locke Farm

2013.11.17_Radding2014-0042_WEBSarah and Ed found me by chance about 4 years ago. They keep coming back to have their yearly family pictures taken and I couldn't be happier. When I first photographed this beautiful family, Henry wasn't even walking! I think the best part about returned families is watching the family change. Seeing the kids grow up. Yup, that's the best part for me. Normally our shoots take place in their Boston neighborhood, which is pretty urban in setting. But this year, I suggested to Sarah that we try something completely different and shoot in a nature type setting. She was down for it and we met in November at Wright Locke Farm in Winchester, MA. Photographing this family is so wonderful because they don't take themselves seriously. The kids have really gotten to know me over the years and seem quite comfortable doing, well...whatever. I feel like this shoot was really organic, not only in the setting but every aspect. We took a walk, played, got silly and did everything that makes the kind of family session perfect in my eyes. It's real, just like Sarah, Ed and their awesome kids Maddy and Henry. Not every frame has perfect smiles, or poses, but they all have little moments to remember, like when I told Maddy to tell her brother a little secret that only he would get to hear. You can see it was funny for both of them. I also really love that Sarah and Ed plan for a portrait of the two of them every time we meet. They get a few moments alone while the kids play on the side.

I look forward to seeing them all every year, that's for sure. Hey Sarah, we should try for a summer session in 2014 and mix it up, oui?