"How Do You Measure a Year?" - My 2013 Year in Review

2013.12.13_Corbett-0314_WEB I can't believe that after being a photographer for over 15 years now, I have NEVER EVER done a "Best of" or a "Year in Review". Maybe it's because picking the images and narrowing it down is an utter NIGHTMARE! Why? Because I love each and every job I have done. So over the course of the holidays, between figuring out what to do with my boys over the school break and hanging out with family and friends, I found time to go through almost every job I shot over 2013. (God I hope I didn't miss anything or anyone) I thought this would be an easy task, but alas it was not. Not even close. When I was done I still had over 650 images. So with the help of my brilliant friend Rachel, she helped me narrow it down to these.

2013 is the perfect year for my first "Year in Review", this year has been epic in so many ways. It was the year for me to get published! I had a few goals. Get on Rock 'n Roll Bride! Done. Shoot a wedding at Blue Hill Stone Barns (that, my friends, is happening this coming Saturday) Buy some new top notch gear - yup did that. Take on some personal projects - Check out The Collective 10! Did a workshop with my all time favorite photographers, Jeremy and Ashley Parson of We Are the Parsons (Blogging that soon folks). Blog more. Get picked as a vendor for the Lovesick Expo. (Get your booty to that if you are getting married. It's in Boston on December 19th. It's wild! Sign up before they sell out. And if you go, say hi to me please! And say hi to my hubby cause he wanted to work my booth with me.) Teach privately about photography and branding. Got on the Today Show website, not once, but TWICE! hmmm...what else? Oh, launched my brand new kick ass website which I could not be happier about. Met with some pretty cool event planners and well, I think that sums it up.

Oh wait, most important, I got to connect with some of the most amazing people in the world who let me be apart of their lives.

So here, laid out in a slideshow format, I give you my year in review. The best of 2013! Enjoy!