Different is always better - My Lovesick Expo Experience

2014.01.19_lovesick-0034_WEB A couple weeks ago, I did a quick post discussing that I was about to partake as a vendor in my first wedding expo.

Now, normally wedding expos are NEVER on my radar. I don't think many of the people drawn to my style and approach to weddings would attend typical wedding expos. When I think of an expo I envision a trade show environment. Lots of people pushing products, selling their brains out. That's just not me. I am service based. I don't push my couples into purchasing things that they, a) don't want and b) can't afford. I also imagine a crazy environment similar to The Running of the Brides. Don't know what that is? Well....click here to witness the wild side of wedding dress shopping. But I digress.

Lovesick Expo came to Boston for the first time last year and I attended as a guest. It was cheap to get in, there was a bar and lots of people watching. So much eye candy. Great vendors. I had to get in on this. So last June, my calendar went DING, on the application day for Lovesick and I filled that baby out first thing that morning. The competition for photographers at Lovesick is fierce. I was humbled that I was chosen to be apart of the 2014 Lovesick expo.

Since I had never done an expo I was a tad freaked out because that meant I had to do a booth. I wanted something different. And what about items for my table? Did I need a desktop with a slideshow? How could I draw potential people to my table? What would catch their eye? All questions that I had time to ponder over.

The end result was exactly what I envisioned.

I had my wall built by hundred acre design. I met with them, told them my budget and said, "I want my booth to feel like you are standing in a warehouse. I don't want to use a back drop stand and a piece of muslin. I want to stand out!" Boy did they do that for me. They used found wood, air brushed my logo with a custom stencil and made it super easy assemble. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results.

On Sunday July 19th 2014, I walked in to the Artist of Humanities Building in South Boston and set up for my very first Wedding Expo. The Lovesick Expo! They are doing so well they are now partnered up with the kick ass blog Offbeat Bride. (You should check out that blog! Super fun.) As for my table, I kept it simple. Plenty of albums. I had three press printed coffee table style albums by Couture Book. These albums start at 100 pages. I also had two flush mount photo page albums. One by KISS and the other by Finao. These albums are more tradition in style and I like to offer something for everyone. I also had three 5x5 press printed paperback albums by Artifact Uprising. These were a HUGE hit. I used them to showcase a few engagement sessions. Everyone went crazy for them. So I have decided to offer them as part of my engagement sessions. But the biggest smash crowd drawing item on my table was my view masters, by Image 3D. Yes, you read that right, view masters...like from the 70s that we played with. I had a few weddings on them for people to look at. But the most fun I had was explaining what they were REALLY for. I have this little thing called a "dirty work' session. I think the word boudoir is so over used and makes me think of glamour shots cheese. So I call mine dirty work. When a bride is getting ready, I kick everyone out of their room, and have them do a little mini sexy shoot for about 20 minutes before she gets her wedding dress on. From there, I quickly turn the images around and put 7 of them on a view master like a "peep show". Surprise! Everyone's face dropped when I told them what they were for. So fun! Oh and I can't forget the amazing chocolate salted caramel oreos that my husband made for me to hand out. He rocks so much!

My booth was packed all day, which was great, but because of that I didn't get to really hang with the other vendors. But there was a cash bar, a ton of great planners, The Boston Circus Guild which provided burlesque dancers, contortionists, acrobatics, and an amazing band. There were two great DJ's Beat Train and DJour Entertainment ( Two awesome ladies and they can really tear it up!). I was lucky enough to be next two amazing vendors who's work I couldn't stop drooling over. Everthine Bridal Boutique (I would kill to do a styled shoot for them) and Amanda Oakleaf cakes. Their cupcakes were going to be the death of me! So damn good.

Since then, a lot of folks have asked me "How did Lovesick go? Was it worth it? Would you do it again next year?" 

My answer to them is, "If they will have me again...you better believe that shit!"

I was way too busy (one person told me 5 deep at my table) to be able to take photos, so my buddy and sometimes 2nd shooter, Vanessa Walsh took these images for me. Thanks Lady V.


Check out these beautiful dresses from Everthine Bridal Boutique.


These cakes are from Amanda Oakleaf cakes, amazing and they taste good too! 2014.01.19_lovesick-0056_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0046_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0062_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0067_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0126_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0150_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0153_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0168_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0205_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0244_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0142_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0232_WEB2014.01.19_lovesick-0262_WEB