Just Keep Spinning - Mark and Michelle's Engagement session

KristinChalmersPhotography_engagement-0124_WEBMichelle and Mark are athletes. Serious ones. Triathletes. They actually met in a spinning class. They were a tad iffy about doing an engagement session but I just told them to think of it as a practice session. In other words, we are just gonna hang out, get to know one another and I'll just have my camera handy. This seemed to put them at ease, but there are some interesting things about this engagement session. It almost didn't happen. When Michelle first inquired about my services, there was a back story. One that was quite emotional for both her and her fiance Mark. Michelle had lost her father about two years back, and Mark has lost his mother about a year ago. They weren't sure if they were going to be able to handle the emotional tidal wave of feelings that may occur during a full on wedding. So she asked me how we could go about booking me as their photographer but maybe having to switch things up last minute in case they decided to elope instead, and this was a request that I was determined to honor.

If they eloped, they would still have a big party but no wedding. So I said "Hey, here's an idea. Book me for the wedding. Let's treat it like you ARE having a wedding. Just make sure that if you decide to elope that your big party is on the day you booked me. We can just treat the elopement like your engagement session. No big deal. The last thing I want is for you to feel pressure about this whole thing." I heard her breathe a huge sigh of relief on the other end of the phone. I guess she was happy with my solution.

So on August 21, on a very warm Sunday, Michelle and Mark met up with me for their engagement session. They had made the choice to go for the big wedding after all! We drove around Lexington and found a few nice spots. Then I took them to my new favorite place, Wright Locke Farm, which was a perfect setting. Here a few from their session. I'm going to be blogging their wedding pretty soon, so stay tuned! KristinChalmersPhotography_engagement-0075_WEB

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